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The most salient feature

Highly Appealing

These invitations are more appealing than a printed marriage invitation and gives an impact of your physical appearance.


As these are paperless hence Eco-friendly.


Just one invitation is sufficient to invite many of your honourable guests.

Quickly Reachable

Quickly reachable to those who live far.

Unique & Aesthetic Designs

This is by far one of the most unique and creative concepts out there for the upcoming events


Fast response is another reason for using such invitations. Online wedding invitations will encourage the guests to RSVP since sending an email is convenient.

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Anuj Kumar Mishra On Jan 22, 2018 (Rating: 5) All web pages are superb.
Divya Sunil On Apr 12, 2016 (Rating: 5) We are very happy and grateful to invite through e-weddingcardswala. Of course we have no words to appreciate your work, concern and care towards customers in making this e card.Even our friends got attracted towards this. We thank you a lot and wish you good luck.
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Rajasree M On Mar 25, 2015 (Rating: 5) I was looking for a 1/2 saree e-card which was not available. When i have reached out to them they were ready to work with me. My contact person was Hussain and he did an outstanding job on the card, response time, excellent customer service, extremely patient and key thing is listening skills and willing to help me out to get the outcome i wanted to see. Great job guys!!!! Good luck
Swati Jadhav and Siddhesh Dalvi On Feb 21, 2015 (Rating: 5) Awesome...we both really liked the format for invitation....we will let you know feedback from our relatives and friends... Swati and Siddhesh
Vijayalakshmi On Jan 29, 2015 (Rating: 5) Each one of my friends and relatives appreciated the E- Card that you had designed for Saving the paper and for the beauty of the card. Good work keep it up!
Ranjan Kumar Dash On Jan 27, 2015 (Rating: 5) Awesome site , cool and superb user friendly , Just provide your marriage details and your site will be ready within 1 minute .
Dr. Aashith On Aug 31, 2014 (Rating: 5) The card came out exactly how we wanted thanks for making it really beautiful
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Shankar On Apr 06, 2014 (Rating: 5) Awesome work and quick response Will recommend this to everyone
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Mustafa Hakimi On Aug 08, 2013 (Rating: 4) True... Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on Earth... And these e cards are obtain by heavenly thoughts for the benefit of earth beings... And I favor Sadhana Ji for background music.
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